Cabin crew


Places are limited on all courses.


This course allows play one of the fundamental tasks in an aircraft: ensure passenger safety, a mission of Passenger Cabin Crew, apart from the above operations and post-flight and care and assistance on board, applying standards and procedures.


T.C.P. courses are aimed at people with communication skills, who are interested in the field of commercial aviation, wanting to see the world and interact with other cultures.


To make and pass the course at our center, the student receives the official title of the DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AVIATION (Ministry of Development). With this title you can fly domestic or international airlines.


The course can be accessed by anyone from 18 years to any age limit. No physical preparation is required nor culturally determined. The minimum requirements for the course are:


1. Medical certificate on psycho-physical conditions.

2. Be at least 18 years old before the test begins.




1. Basic knowledge of aviation. Aeronautical Meteorology, Air Navigation, Aircraft and Geographic terms.

2. Factors humanos.El human behavior, communication and teamwork and special situations on board.

3. Hygiene, aviation medicine and first aid. Notions of anatomy, examination of a patient on board. Prevention and intervention. The plane crash.

4. Regulations. The crew, technical and auxiliary passenger, contract, treatment, etc..

5. Normal operation, security. Emergency and survival. Emergency and evacuation operation. Emergency procedures and equipment. Survival equipment.

6. Dangerous goods. Transport and treatment of dangerous goods regulations. Performance of TCP.


School final exam.



1. Evacuation of the aircraft using ramp.

2. Swimming test.

3. Approach with rafts.

4. Drag in the water with life without them.

5. Firefighting.

6. Diving under simulated fire spot.

7. Getting to the plane.

8. Getting emergency media.

9. First Aid (first aid kits, oxygen first aid, CPR procedure,...).



The full amount of the course includes lectures, practical classes and course material.

Does not include exam fees or medical certificate.

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