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The Private Pilot Course allows students to obtain a license PPL (A) flight and enabling single piston engine, with which you can develop activities or leisure flight unpaid. The basic course consists of 45 hours of flight time and 100 hours of lectures during the promotion following the program of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

The practical classes are held at the airport. You can fly every day of the week from Monday to Sunday.


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The course can be accessed by anyone from 16 years to any age limit. No physical preparation is required nor culturally determined. The documentation required to complete the course and obtain a student pilot's card:

Medical certificate (see the doctors)

Photocopy of ID

Two passport photos

Be 17 years, at least at the beginning of the flight phase.



The course consists of a total of 100 hours of theoretical training in the classroom taught our facilities in Burgos airport schedules tailored to the needs of students, distributed among the following subjects:

1. Air Law and ATC Procedures

2. Aircraft General Knowledge

3. Flight Performance and Planning

4. Human Factors

5. Meteorology

6. Navigation

7. Operational Procedures

8. Early flight

9. VFR Communications


The lectures will alternate with actual flight throughout the course of training.


The course will be held in the basic single-engine fleet Goodfly up.

The course consists of a total of 45 hours of practical training flight in an airplane. Of all of these flight hours, at least 10 hours in supervised solo flight, and a minimum of 5 hours cross-country flight will be, including a tour of 270 km. during which there will be two full stops on two different of the departure aerodrome.

The practical training will be held in Burgos Airport / Villafría.





Convened at any time of year.



Single-engined basic. 1 hour.



The course includes 45 hours of flight, the lectures, the theoretical manuals, monitoring the student handbook, and flight equipment for practices. Does not include exam fees and the medical certificate.

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